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Creative Ways to Reuse Thanksgiving Leftovers

You made multiple visits to your neighborhood grocery, spent days prepping and hours cooking and, after that wonderful holiday meal is over, you’re left with an abundance of Thanksgiving leftovers. Although many people simply reheat and dig into those dishes without making any additional edits, there are other appealing approaches, too. All it takes is a little outside-the-box thinking. Take a look at the ways Thanksgiving leftovers can be remade into completely different meals that keep your family coming back for more.

Make them into a Sandwich
One of the easiest ways to reuse Thanksgiving leftovers is to slide them between a couple slices of bread. While sandwiches are a simple take to the go-all-out meal displayed on Thanksgiving Day, they don’t have to be boring. Keep your family coming back for more with a turkey torta completed with crumbled Cotija cheese, or a Thanksgiving sandwich that incorporates some of your favorite sides —mashed potatoes, included. It’s a great opportunity to get creative!

Reinvent it
Thanksgiving leftovers and Mexican fare probably don’t sound like they’d go together, but with a little creativity, they can. Wrap leftovers into tortillas and line them in a baking pan, pour gravy and sprinkle cheese on top. The result? Thanksgiving leftover enchiladas! It’s a fun makeover for the traditional Thanksgiving Day spread, and one the kids will enjoy helping out with, too.

Turn Sides into Treats
Leftover sides can be transformed into all sorts of delectable sweets such as sweet potato muffins and the like. Incorporate leftover cranberries into some, drizzle chocolate on others and have fun getting creative. These bites go great with morning coffee or work well as an after-dinner snack. No one will even recognize them as Thanksgiving leftovers.

No matter what you create out of your leftovers, we hope you’ll have fun with them! Should you find your missing key recipe ingredients, just pay a visit to your neighborhood Food Town. We’ve got all sorts of ingredients to help you reimagine those meal options.

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