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National Tortilla Chip Day + National Snack Food Month = a Tasty February

What’s better than celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day? Celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day smack-dab in the middle of National Snack Food Month! That’s right, neighbors — February is about more than chocolate and roses. With National Tortilla Chip Day falling on Feb. 24 (and National Snack Food Month running all February long) this month is a great opportunity to kick back with all sorts of eats you might not allow yourself to indulge in year-round. Read on for great tips on ways to celebrate with superior snackage!  

Gather Your Friends for a Night of Food-Themed Films

Who doesn’t enjoy good eats when they sit down to watch a movie? Pick a flick that places food front and center, and then plan your snacks accordingly. A few of our favorites? A candy smorgasbord for one (or both) of the Willy Wonka films, a tower of Twinkies for “Zombieland” and just about anything for “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!” This snack-filled cinematic experience is even more fun when your friends get in on the action by contributing their favorite treat. You can find all sorts of great recipes on our Pinterest page!

Treat Your Taste Buds to a Tortilla Chip Taste Test

If you’re like many folks, your shopping list is filled with tried-and-true snacks you already know you love. But there’s a lot to be said for expanding your options! Take a trip to your favorite Houston grocery store and stock up on varieties you haven’t yet tried. (Fun Fact: Food Town alone offers about eight brands of tortilla chips, and more flavors than we can count!) Whether you invite your buddies over to share or keep those bites to yourself, it’s bound to be a great evening. Don’t forget to check out our Chippin & Dippin Pinterest page for dips you’ll want to dig in to!

Lighten Up Office Life with Treats for your Team

A person is never too old for a tasty treat. Make your crew’s day when you head into work with homemade snack foods! From savory Texas trash, to snack mix featuring Honeycomb cereal or even wafer cookies decorated for a bit of added “wow,” the opportunities are literally endless. Once again, you can find those recipes and so many more on our Pinterest page!

Now that you’ve read all about National Snack Food Month and that oh-so-tasty National Tortilla Chip Day, go ahead and dig in, y’all. You’re worth it!

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