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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

If you’re like lots of folks out there, the New Year’s resolution is something you grapple with. After all, how many times can you vow to cut down on sweets or get fit — and how long do those promises really last? (For the record, we think you’re perfect just the way you are!) Your friends at Food Town are all for finding ways to make positive changes, but we know coming up with “new” New Year’s resolutions can be tough. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make a fresh start in the coming year.

Explore Your Grocery Store
It’s easy to find yourself in a rut when it comes to grocery shopping, largely because you know which flavors you like (and where they’re located in the store.) The truth is, your favorite Houston grocery store is packed with offerings from all over the world — flavors you’ll love if you give them a try. Resolve to purchase one new item each time you go grocery shopping. Maybe it’s dragon fruit one week, or something unexpected from our International Spice Station. By making one new purchase each visit, you’re expanding your palate without spending a ton. And, who knows? You might stumble upon something you really love!

Branch Out with Your Cooking and Baking 
Just like grocery store trips, at-home meals tend to fall into something of a routine. You know what you like to eat — and what the family enjoys, too — so why venture off the beaten path? One main reason to test the waters is, you never know what you’ll like until you give it a try! Resolve to try one new recipe each week. (And if you have picky little ones at home, get them in on the fun!) By combing through cookbooks or online sites, together you can find something tasty to add to the menu. You can check out our Pinterest page for fantastic options to get you started!

Make Mealtimes More Meaningful
The family table is a great place to catch up, connect and enjoy a tasty meal with the people you love most. Even so, late nights at work, mid-week sports practices and other obstacles tend to make mealtimes a challenge. Resolve to get the family back on track with meals all together, at least a few times per week. Make it special with conversation cards or a favorite dish!

Whether you choose one of these New Year’s resolution options, you go for all of them — or maybe you opt for something different altogether — we hope 2020 is your best year yet. Happy New Year from your friends at Food Town!

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