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Apple Recipes You Can Enjoy Year-Round

apple recipes

October is National Apple Month, neighbors, so it’s time to break out the apple recipes! We love these versatile fruits throughout the year, but there’s just something extra special about digging in during the fall. From decadent desserts, to festive drinks, you’ll find fresh delicious apples for any recipe at your neighborhood Food Town. Here are some of our favorite apple recipes — and a few things you need to know about these delectable beauties.

Apple Buying Basics
Before you dive in and start coring apples, let’s take a second to examine a few of the most popular apple varieties, and to find out which ones are best for your recipes. Remember, when shopping, you’ll want to steer clear of apples with bruises that could affect their taste, texture and look.

  • Pink Lady: These ladies start off tart, but always end sweet. They’re perfect for snacking and an ideal base for apple crisps.  
  • Granny Smith: These green apples have a crisper, sharper taste than other varieties. This makes them hold up well in pies, or when you want to add a crisp bite to savory dishes like salads.
  • Honeycrisp: These sweet treats have so much flavor in both the skin and the juice, they are a favorite for fall-tastic apple ciders and sweet beverages.

Yummy Apple Recipes
We’re big fans of fresh produce recipes that use great-tasting apples straight from our shelves. Check out our A is for Apple Pinterest board for some easy apple recipes your family is sure to enjoy. For a classic fall-flavored dessert, try adding honeycrisp to this apple cider doughnut cake. It combines the best of an apple cider doughnut with a traditional bundt cake. We’re willing to bet you’ll be making this fall favorite any time of year. From fritters, on over to delectable caramel apples, there’s no shortage of delicious dessert recipes out there.

Savory Apples
How can you go wrong when combining apples, potatoes, and bacon? (Truth is, you can’t!) A quick web search will produce a seemingly endless number of recipes featuring these three ingredients. The classic combo is sure to please even the pickiest eaters in the family. Try using Granny Smith apples for a sharper flavor. Savory apple dishes can be served as a side or main dish. Either way, make extras. People will most certainly be back for seconds.

Traditional Apple Cider Recipes
Nothing warms up a cool fall day (or at least a not-hot day in Texas) like traditional apple cider. Sure, you can buy apple cider at your local grocery, but what about making your own? Whether in an Instant Pot, a Crock Pot or simply on the stovetop, you can satisfy that fall craving with the perfect combination of sweetness and spice. Just search “apple cider recipe” and you’ll get tons of variations, including traditional, citrus and cranberry options. Our Warm Drinks blog post includes a mulled cranberry apple cider recipe you’ll definitely want to try out. On top of its other tasty benefits, cider is a great way to use apples left over from your cooking adventures.

No matter how you plan to cook with apples, you’ll find a great selection at your local Food Town. Stop by and see us soon! 

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