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Big News: March is National Frozen Food Month!

National Frozen Food Month? That’s our kind of holiday, neighbor. Why? Because, at Food Town, we’re all about making life a little easier in whatever way we can! Between work and school, soccer practice and dance lessons, time with family — and that occasional need to sleep — planning family meals can sometimes feel like just one more task in a busy day. Frozen food is great way to speed up that prep time and feed your loved ones something both tasty and healthy!

In honor of National Frozen Food Month, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite facts about this game-changing cuisine — as well as our favorite ways to incorporate it into your family’s regular meal rotation.

FACT: Frozen Food Can be Just as Healthy as Fresh

You’ve likely heard folks say that frozen food doesn’t have same amount of nutrients as you’ll find in fresh foods, but that isn’t the case. Frozen food companies often “flash freeze” their fruits and vegetables shortly after they’re picked, locking in flavor and nutrients even better than in produce that travels long routes to get to store shelves. Check out the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association’s “Myths & Facts About Frozen Foods” for other interesting insight into the grocery store freezer section.

FACT: Frozen Foods Are MAJOR Time-Savers

When you’re smack-dab in the middle of a busy week and the family’s hungry, you want to get dinner on the table quickly. That’s another reason we love frozen foods! Although the average home-cooked meal can take 52 minutes of “hands-on time” — and 34 total minutes of prep time — studies show incorporating frozen items into your family’s mealtime can save you one hour and 25 minutes each week! You can find these and other fun facts in the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association’s “Make Mealtime Magic in the Frozen Food Aisle.”

FACT: Your Family and Guests Probably Can’t Tell the Difference

Frozen foods have come a long way since those foil-laden TV dinners of yesteryear. With options for everything from microwaveable shrimp etouffee and oven-ready chicken cordon bleu, to easy-to-prepare sides that complement a favorite family recipe, it’s nearly impossible to tell where the “from scratch” items end and the frozen items begin. Looking for a little inspiration? Food Town has devoted an entire Pinterest board to fantastic recipes that incorporate frozen foods!

There’s a lot to love about frozen foods, and we’re glad this culinary convenience is getting a bit of well-deserved recognition. Get out there and get cooking, friends. Happy National Frozen Food Month!

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