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Smoothie Ideas for Easier Mornings

smoothie ideas

Looking for a few smoothie ideas to make this busy time of year a bit more manageable? You’re in luck, neighbor! At Food Town, we know how hard it can be to gather everybody together for breakfast before the day gets going. (Especially once the school year gets started!) We’ve pulled together a few delicious smoothie recipes, and some helpful tips, too. Grab a travel mug and some frozen fruit, and let’s get started.

Smoothie Tips: Quick Preparation
Smoothies are a great way to use fruit that’s a little past its prime — especially because overripe fruit provides natural sweetness. Cut up fruit that’s no longer fit for snacking, place it in freezer bags and then freeze. On busy mornings, grab a few pieces of fruit and some ice cubes, add your favorite milk, juice or water and hit “blend.” Your smoothie will be done before the kids find their shoes! Using frozen fruit and a handful of ice will keep your smoothie thick and cold. You can even add protein powder for an extra boost of nutrition. Have everything prepped and ready to go the night before to make morning blending a breeze.

Smoothie Inspiration
There’s no shortage of smoothie recipes on the internet, and we’ve gathered a few to kickstart ideas on our Summer Sipping Pinterest board. When it comes to smoothie recipes, nearly anything goes. When you’re buying your favorite fresh produce at your neighborhood Food Town, consider buying a little extra to freeze for smoothies. Bananas, apples and grapes are traditional choices but consider getting a little wild with fruit like kiwi, or add a bit of fresh turmeric or ginger (a little goes a long way). You can also add a small amount of oats, nuts or seeds to pack in extra nutrients and thicken your blend. And don’t forget the veggies! A handful of spinach inside your smoothie adds all sorts of nutrients without altering the flavor, while carrots add both nutrients and sweetness.

Smoothies are a great way to get a healthy start to the day, and they’re easy to prepare when you’re rushing to get out the door. From fresh and frozen fruit, to add-ins like alternative milks, oats, yogurt and protein powder, we’ve got everything you need at your local Food Town. Stop by and see us soon!

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