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Get Excited — Summer is Barbecue Season!

The weather’s warm, the sun is out and barbecue season has arrived. (Although, in Texas, does barbecue season ever truly go away?) If that backyard grill has you looking for excuses to get things fired up, your Food Town is right there with ya. After all, grill skills are a big deal in these parts. We’ve pulled together a few of our top tips to help you cook up something amazing.

Lay a Solid Flavor Foundation
Quality meat plays an important role when you’re grilling, but it isn’t the be-all, end-all. In order to make sure your meal really pops, you’ll want to find the right balance of seasoning. Whip up a pre-grill marinade (McCormick offers some great options!) or consult with friends and family about their favorite spice blends. Consider checking out Food Town’s spice stations, where you can find all sorts of ingredients from around the globe! Don’t forget, you can pack on the flavor later in the game, too, with a flavor-filled barbecue sauce.  

Think Outside the Burgers and Brisket
Grilled burgers, steaks, sausage and brisket always make for great meals, but don’t limit yourself to meat. Your grill can add a delicious depth of flavor to a whole range of foods — some of which you’ve probably never considered. Try your hand at a tasty grilled pizza or salad, or add dimension to dishes with grilled veggies or fruits. When dessert time rolls around, your grill can help there, too! You haven’t lived until you’ve sunk your teeth into a grilled angel food cake.

Serve Up a Safe Experience
If you’re planning on doing your dining in the great outdoors, be sure to take proper precautions. Keep little ones away from hot grills and sharp tools, and watch out for bugs that might seize the opportunity to dig into your food — or crawl inside drinks. When it comes to food preparation, use a meat thermometer to ensure you’re cooking foods to the proper temperatures, and avoid cross contamination. Of course, food items containing eggs and other such ingredients should remain chilled at a safe temperature. The CDC’s Grill Safety Infographic is a wealth of useful information!  

Ready to get to grilling? That’s what barbecue season is all about! Stop by your neighborhood Food Town for great prices on great ingredients — not to mention grills and charcoal! Be sure to visit our BBQ & Grilling Pinterest board, too, for even more recipes and inspiration. Happy grilling, friends!

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