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Boudin or Boudain – It’s All Good!

The origins of boudin (boo-dan) date back over two centuries to when the Acadians migrated to Louisiana from Nova Scotia and France. The French have Boudin Blanc and Boudin Noir, but they greatly differ from the boudin created by the Cajuns. Boudin is made from a blend of pork cooked down with onions, peppers, seasonings, & cooked rice. This cooked mixture is then stuffed into a casing like a sausage and then cooked.  The exact ingredients in a link of boudin can vary slightly, depending on the family recipe, brand of choice, or personal preference.

While it’s a Cajun dish, boudin is also found in Southeast Texas, where the cultures of Louisiana and Texas collide.  Just like crawfish, boudin traveled across the Sabine River from southwest Louisiana to southeast Texas where some spell it “boudain”.  A little research suggests “boudain” isn’t really a spelling error. According to a food etymologist: “Boudain” is the frequently used Texas spelling for “boudin”, the spicy Cajun version in Louisiana. The spelling has an established history in Cajun East Texas, going back to 1965. Texans also prefer their boudin or boudain grilled or smoked, while the cajun style is usually steamed, roasted in the oven, simmered, or sometimes grilled.

Texans have also created new and unique ways to eat their boudain. Eating it in a kolache or in a tortilla with cheese is a common way for Texans to enjoy these links. Both states have also enjoyed their boudin or boudain as boudin balls, a delectable appetizer or snack rolled into a ball, then covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Here is a great recipe for boudin balls, using your favorite boudin from Food Town, where you will find a wide variety of boudin (or boudain), at great prices.  https://www.yourfoodtown.com/recipe/easy-boudin-balls/

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