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Frozen Vegetables vs Fresh: What Every Shopper Should Know

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When it comes to frozen vegetables vs fresh, which is better, neighbor? (Is there actually a true winner?) Around here, we believe the diplomatic response that “it depends” is actually pretty spot-on. After all, there are big benefits to both approaches to these nutritional eats. As for what’s right for you, that can vary based on everything from how much free time and storage space you have available, to the preparations you have in mind. Here, our produce pros offer some insight into the frozen vegetables vs fresh debate — how they compare, and what to consider the next time you’re building out your grocery list.  

How Does Nutrition Stack Up with Frozen Vegetables vs Fresh?
One thing we hear pretty frequently is the concern that frozen vegetables make for less healthy meals. But you don’t have to worry, neighbor! Experts have determined that both fresh and frozen veggies are chock full of the good-for-you nutrients your body needs. In fact, as our friends over at Houston Methodist note, frozen vegetables might be even healthier than their fresh counterparts, since they’re picked and preserved at their prime.

Consider the Time Element
Your meal prep timeline plays an important role in determining whether to pick up fresh or frozen produce. Here are some things to think through:

  • How quickly will you be preparing your meal? If you plan to put your ingredients to good use within a few days of purchase, both fresh and frozen should work just fine. Beyond that, however, fresh produce runs the risk of wilting and showing other signs of age. Meanwhile, frozen vegetables can last months (or longer) when stored properly. Just be sure to refer to the package’s expiration date to ensure it remains at peak freshness.
  • How much time do you have for prep work? Slicing and dicing aren’t necessarily difficult, but those minutes do add up. Because frozen produce often comes washed and pre-cut, it can result in tremendous time savings.
  • Is Your Chosen Recipe “Frozen Friendly”? Due to moisture levels associated with frozen foods, certain recipes call for you to thaw and drain produce before incorporating it into the mix. (This is especially true for items such as berries for use in pies.) Check your recipe ahead of time to determine whether you’ll need to factor thaw time into your plans.

Think Through Which is Better for the Budget
With prices on the rise in just about every aspect of life, shoppers are working to keep costs down where they can. Factors such as the time of year and your neighborhood grocer’s weekly deals can lead to scenarios where either fresh or frozen produce will be easier on the wallet. Here are a few tips:

  • Fill your cart with what’s in-season: If you’re opting to purchase fresh veggies, pay attention to what farmers are pulling out of the field. These items are more readily available (especially if they’re grown here in Texas) and will likely boast lower price tags. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Seasonal Produce Guide offers a handy run-down of what to buy when.
  • Consider freezing your fresh finds: Your grocer’s frozen section is likely packed with money-saving veggie options. But if you spot a can’t-miss fresh produce deal (and have available freezer space) you can always freeze it yourself! Just be sure to take necessary precautions, cutting and washing your produce if necessary, labeling it and storing it in airtight containers. The Taste of Home website can help get you started.
  • Keep an eye on grocery ads: Your neighborhood grocer is always working to keep prices as low as possible. Be sure you’re taking advantage of every available offer. At Food Town, for instance, we allow you to “stack” coupons. If you’ve got a manufacturer coupon for something we’re also offering in-store yellow coupons for, you can double up on the savings! In addition, Food Town + app digital deals, digital coupons and discounts advertised in our weekly ads all add up to lower overall grocery bills.

When it comes right down to deciding between frozen vegetables vs fresh, there is no wrong answer. It’s all about determining what works best for your budget and busy schedule. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of frozen foods, we’ve got a blog post that talks all about it! Of course, our produce section is always filled with fresh fruits and vegetables delivered each day — and restocked as the day goes on to ensure you can always find what you need. (And if you need a little inspiration? Our Pinterest boards and Recipes page don’t disappoint!) Get inspired, get your grocery list together and get over to your neighborhood Food Town. We’ll see you soon, friends!

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