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Shrimp Cocktail with Arriba!® Red Salsa


  • 16 Med-Large Shrimp (Pre-Cooked and Frozen)
  • 16 oz Arriba! Medium Red Salsa
  • 4 Limes (juice)
  • ½ Medium Onion, minced
  • 8 Sprigs Cilantro, Minced
  • Black Pepper, Salt, Garlic Salt to Taste
  • Additional Cilantro & Avocado for Garnish


  1. Thaw shrimp in refrigerator. Mix the remaining ingredients and refrigerate.
  2. To serve, place 4 oz of the mixture in a small bowl and arrange 4 shrimp around the edges or on top of mixture.
  3. Serve with white corn tortillas, crackers, and sliced avocado. Makes 4 servings.


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