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Salsa Recipes, Inspo and Need-to-Know Info

May might be National Salsa Month, but if you ask us, there’s never a bad time to talk about salsa recipes, their accompanying flavors and other info surrounding this delicious dip. The truth is, whether it’s being served up alongside our favorite tortilla chips, adding oomph to a morning meal or playing a starring role in a favorite entree, this south-of-the-border staple scores big points at your Food Town. Here, we’ve pulled together all sorts of great info, from tips for selecting something great during your grocery run, to flavor factoids you should know and, yes, a few of our favorite salsa recipes, too. Enjoy!

Keep Flavor Profiles in Mind, Because Peppers Can Pack a Punch
Not everyone has the same heat tolerance when it comes to what they eat. Having a general idea of the flavors different peppers bring to the table can go a long way toward selecting a store-bought salsa — or finding salsa recipes your friends can tolerate. Poblanos and jalapeños rank fairly low on the Scoville scale, for instance, while bell peppers rank lowest of all. All three can be great additions for folks who like salsas at a mild to medium level of heat. (Just remember to remove the peppers’ seeds and ribs when creating your salsa!) If you want to inch up the scale, the chipotle pepper is another “safer” option, while serranos and habaneros start getting you into spicier territory. If you’re making your own salsa, be sure to taste your mix as you’re building flavors, so you can spot potential troubles (such as not enough/too much spice) and fix them along the way. Of course, if you’re going the store-bought route, just give the label a close look. Most salsas out there include an indicator as to just how hot a blend you’re buying.

Variety’s the Spice of Life, So Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative
Once people find a brand they love or a couple salsa recipes their family can’t get enough of, they often stop experimenting. (But why would you want to do that?) With so many great flavors and applications, it’s more fun to try ‘em all! We’ve got a great mango salsa recipe that incorporates fresh summer flavors, for instance, while our Fiesta Food Fun Pinterest board includes a rainbow salsa recipe that makes it easy to “eat your colors” — and a vegan, paleo salsa that’s as simple to make as it is delicious. Why stop there? Get really crazy and try your hand at dessert salsa! If you’re not ready to dig in on making something new on your own, purchasing a variety you’ve never tried before can be a baby step in a new direction. Our Grocery and International sections are jam-packed with options sure to please every palate — mild black bean salsas, smoky fire-roasted flavors and everything in between. (And we’re always adding new flavors to our shelves!)

Keep the Convo Going and Show Off Your Salsa Smarts
The best part about a good salsa might be digging in on it with friends, but it helps to have something to talk about. Here are a few facts you can use to impress those around you.

We hope this post got your mouth watering, shed a little light on this Mexican staple and made you want to test out a salsa you haven’t tried before. (Of course, there are all sorts of other great dips out there, too. Our Chippin & Dippin Pinterest board offers all sorts of options!) We look forward to seeing you soon at your neighborhood Food Town!

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