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Outta-This-World International Spices at Our International Spice Stations

We may live in Space City, but you don’t have to visit the International Space Station to find the world’s best international spices. All you have to do is visit your local Food Town. We built the International Spice Station just for you, neighbor! It’s all about making it easy to add new flavors to your family’s favorite recipes, or to mix it up and try some new dishes. You might just find some new favorites when you experiment!

Curious about the exact spices we have to offer? Here’s a listing of our top spice brands: Accent, Badia, Carib, Earl Campbell, El Guapo, El Jalapeño, Famous Dave’s, Grace, JCS, Lawry’s, Julio’s, McCormick/McCormick Grill Mates, Morton, Mrs. Dash, Old Bay, Ragin’ Cajun, Slap Ya Mama, Spice Supreme, Tex Joy, Tony Chachere’s, Weber, Zach’s, Zatarain’s

Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown, it’s time to get your taste buds ready. Here’s how to add some international spice to your favorite dishes.

Blast-Off Barbecue
Everybody has their favorite barbecue seasoning blends and rubs, but what if you kicked it up a notch with a new spice rub this grilling season? You don’t need to get spicy — although we have plenty of peppers to add some heat! Try experimenting with custom spice blends from all corners of the world. We’ve got the seasonings you need, whether you’re trying a spicy Jamaican jerk or a warm Moroccan Ras el Hanout mix. You can even pick up the meats and sides in one quick Houston grocery trip!
Food Town Tip: Ground spices last one to two years when you store them in small containers in a cool, dark place. Air and moisture cause spices to lose their flavor more quickly.  

Getting That Space Town Flavor
Houston is one of the culinary capitols of the world, and it’s no surprise when you think about all the delicious restaurants we have here. Houston dishes are as diverse as the city we live in, and it’s easy to add international flavor to any of your usual recipes. To bring savory umami flavor to soups and pork dishes, try Asian spices from Vietnam or Korea. Meats and stews can get a kick from Mexican herbs and chilies. Or, try almost any of our international spices in chicken dishes.
Food Town Tip: Want local recipe ideas? Check out our Houston Hometown Flavor Pinterest board! We gathered some of the best recipe ideas from around the city.   

When it comes to Houston grocery shopping, Food Town has everything you need to put a twist on your favorite recipes or discover new dishes your family will love. Drop by your neighborhood Food Town and take a look around the International Spice Station to get inspiration for your next out-of-this-world meal!

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