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Tired of the Oven? Turkey Cooking Alternatives

For those tired of the same old turkey (talking menu item, not a family member) and are of an adventurous spirit, we gathered up some Turkey preparation alternatives to the standard oven roast. Deep Fry The method made famous by Cajun chef and personality Justin Wilson involves lowering a whole turkey with a hanger-type apparatus into a giant vat of hot oil. The intended result is a turkey with crispy skin and moist meat.  A popular add-on is to inject your turkey with spices before cooking.  (Or just melted butter, yes, melted butter) The cooking time is much shorter than the oven, which increases its overall appeal, along with – well…deep frying a big ole’ turkey. Need references? Martha Stewart Living has featured deep-fried turkey in their Thanksgiving issue, William Shatner sings about deep-frying safety for State Farm Insurance (may want to listen). And New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse has supported this Southern tradition by featuring it on his cooking show and BAM, he loves those spice injections. Spatchcock your Turkey Also known as butterflying, basically, the turkey backbone is removed so that it will lay flat – allowing a Turkey to be spread out or opened up like a book, and making it cook quicker and evenly.  Originating in Ireland, traced back to the 18th century the method finally hit its stride and began trending in 2012.  (Way to never give up, Spatchcock method.) Reason for the resurgence (or just surge – because 18th century Ireland wasn’t a culinary mecca)? Signs point to the popularity of a 2008 video by a food writer for the New York Times  – Mark Bittman’s “45-minute roast turkey” recipe.  Maybe it’s the memorable name – Spatchcock, maybe it’s the shorter cooking time, maybe crispy skin and moist meat, but Spatchcocking Turkey continues its upward trend in popularity. START with the Trash Can Cook your Thanksgiving headliner in a Trash Can! This method’s roots are not completely clear, lying somewhere between hillbilly legend and improvisational camping technique.  Like other methods with similar origin stories, it’s making it’s unassuming way to becoming a tradition with southern families who prefer to swap stuffy airs for fresh air.  As it gains popularity (or notoriety?) – it’s also been called a Texas Turkey, so needless to say we are smitten with this fun method. Traditional or Trendy, however you choose to cook your Turkey your local Food Town is stocked with everything you need for your Feast, all for less. Check out the deals on Turkeys, Tony Chachere’s Injector Marinades, Charcoal, Butter, and more in Food Town’s Thanksgiving Ad!

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