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Avocados From Mexico

It’s peak avocado season and we’re celebrating with one of Food Town’s favorite brands, Avocados From Mexico! You may have heard the catchy Jingle “Avocados From Mexico” on your radio or on television. This is because Avocados From Mexico is the number one selling brand of avocados in the United States and their popularity continues to grow!

The company has been known for its “industry-first” innovations such as being the first “fresh produce brand” to have large sporting event advertisements which have helped grow brand recognition in the United States. Avocados From Mexico have not only filled the bellies of millions of Americans but have significantly contributed to the overall economy. Since the company was founded in 2013, the volume of Mexican avocado imports to the United States has doubled from 1.2 to 2.4 billion pounds!

We spoke with the Avocados From Mexico team and asked them a few questions about the success and direction of the company.

  • Q:  There has been an obvious surge in popularity of Avocado based dishes recently in the United States. Was there a point in time that Avocados From Mexico noticed a shift from purely simple meals such as Guacamole dip to more unexpected ones such as Avocado Fries, Toast spread, and even Ice Cream? Talk about a “Super Food!”
  • ANSWERING: Stephanie Bazan, VP Trade and Market Development: Avocados From Mexico is a company driven by innovation – we’re committed to breaking the produce marketing mold by executing unexpected marketing programs with the intent to build the Avocados From Mexico brand in the U.S. and increase consumption of avocados through retail and foodservice.
    Our foodservice team is dedicated to spearheading our culinary innovation efforts by showcasing the versatility of avocados – they truly can be used in any recipe. From traditional guacamole to the unexpected avocado dessert, Avocados From Mexico is a multipurpose ingredient that is creamy in texture, delicious and always in season. Additionally, consumers are looking for health-conscious foods and avocados are the perfect fit. Not only are they heart healthy, but they are also low in saturated fat, high in good fats and have nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. “Avocados From Mexico are tasteful, healthy and always good, all the time” said Bazan.
  • Q: Since 2013, the year Avocados From Mexico was formed, that the volume of Mexican avocados imported to the United States has doubled to 2.4 billion pounds per year. Very impressive increase! Can you give the readers a little information on how avocados start at the farm and end up on the plate of millions of consumers?
  • ANSWERING: Erick Coronado, Regional Trade Director: The harvest to table journey of Mexican avocados takes less than a week meaning Avocados From Mexico are always fresh! Each step of the supply chain has rigorous guidelines that are strictly enforced to promote sustainability, food safety and top-notch quality across the Mexican avocado industry.  The avocados are harvested with a specially designed pole directly from the tree, as avocados that have touched the ground are not approved for export. From there, the fruit is packed and shipped the next day and it takes one to two days to cross the border. From there, they are sent to our partners for consumers to enjoy!
  • Q: DallasNews.com ranked The AvoEatery restaurant “One of the most exciting restaurants opening in 2020.” How challenging has it been venturing into the restaurant business? Are there possibly any plans to venture outside of Dallas? Houston perhaps?

  • ANSWERING: David Spirito, Sr. Director of Foodservice & Culinary  AvoEatery is the world’s first polished-casual restaurant focused entirely on avocados. At Avocados From Mexico, we’re focused on culinary innovation that pushes the boundaries of how restaurants typically use avocados, which is what we showcase with our menu at AvoEatery.

    Venturing into the restaurant business was a natural next step for AFM’s foodservice department, as many of our team members are seasoned veterans of the industry. Our biggest challenge was opening February 2020 right before the pandemic hit. However, our biggest accomplishment throughout the pandemic was shifting to an off-premise model to keep our business up and running. In terms of venturing out of Dallas, AvoEatery is an experiential culinary lab where we test inventive avocado uses across the menu and use these learnings to validate consumer interest and share insights with restaurants across the country. We showcase the innovative menu items to other operators with the intent they will be available at a national level.

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Food Town offers high-quality Avocados from Mexico at great prices in all 30 Houston locations! Plan out your National Avocado Day (July 31st), Cinco De Mayo, and other Sporting Event activities by indulging in the high-quality fruit that Avocados From Mexico provides!

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Fun Avocado Facts:

1: Puebla, Mexico is believed to be the location where Avocados were first discovered and were grown in orchards and farms as early as 3,000 B.C.

2: Michoacán, Mexico is the only place in the entire world where avocados are available year-round! This is due to the unique microclimate, volcanic soil, and timely rainfall.

3: The per capita consumption of avocados in the U.S. is nearly 9 pounds!

4: During Super Bowl Sunday, guacamole from all of the avocados sold for Big Game parties could fill an entire stadium 12 feet high!

5: The red sap from avocados was used for Ink by the Spanish Conquistadors.

6: Avocados were once referred to as “Alligator Pears,” with this name originating from Jamaica.

7: Avocados are loaded with good fats and have nearly 20 vitamins and minerals!

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