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Your Food Town is Big on Baby Supplies and Other Parent Must-Haves

Baby supplies are a big deal at your neighborhood grocery. After all, when we say Food Town is your town, we mean that for little ones and the moms, dads and other loved ones who look after them, too! Here, we’ve pulled together some of our best tips regarding ways to save on baby supplies and make life a little easier. Read on to learn more, neighbor!

Keep an Eye on Ads and Stock Up When You Can
We’ve all been there — the midnight diaper run, the last-minute outing for formula and other quick trips for items you didn’t realize were running low. While it’s all part of the parenting game, there are ways to at least attempt to keep such excursions to a minimum. Keep an eye on weekly ads and in-store circulars, and sign up for grocery emails. Then, focus your shopping trips around what’s on sale. Are diapers at a discount? Grab another pack or two! Chances are your grocery will exchange unopened packages for larger sizes if your baby outgrows them too quickly. Is there a stellar sale on formula, pre-made baby foods and the like? Clear some cabinet space and grab more. Just be sure to check expiration dates! 
Food Town Tip: Spot a great deal on milk? You can grab an extra carton and freeze it before the sell-by date! (Who knew?)

Save Money with Healthy Homemade Baby Foods
There’s no denying that, while looking after a little one can be the best thing in the world, it’s pretty expensive, too. Rolling up your sleeves to create homemade baby and toddler food is a budget-friendly way to make sure kiddos are reaping the benefits of great nutrition and trying a range of yummy new flavors, too. Even better? It’s really simple! Puree a range of fresh fruits and veggies — and when they’re older, serve it up in finger food form. Once it’s safe to do so, make it a point to share kid-sized servings of whatever the rest of the group is eating around the family table. Remember to be conscious of common allergens such as peanuts, eggs and fish!
Food Town Tip: While you can always find great prices on fresh produce at your neighborhood grocery, in-season fruits and vegetables are more affordable!

Make Your Day a Little Easier with Grocery Delivery
That quick and easy shopping trip sometimes takes a turn once babies and toddlers are involved. The good thing is, grocery delivery services have become increasingly popular! Now, all a pooped parent has to do is pull up a website (or app), complete their order and make sure they’re home at the designated delivery time. One less thing on that to-do list? That’s something everybody can get behind!
Food Town Tip: You can often save on delivery fees by purchasing a full year of delivery services or “packs” of deliveries at once. Learn more on our Delivery page!

At Food Town, we’re glad to be your go-to for the baby supplies, healthy ingredients and other items your family relies on. We hope you’ll drop by and see us soon at your nearest neighborhood store!

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