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Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips for Busy People

We’ve all scrolled through fancy blogs packed with cleaning tips — write-ups for folks who seem to have endless time for household chores. And, although we love the idea of devoting full days to sock drawer organization, the simple truth is, life’s busy. At Food Town, we know how hectic things get when you’re transporting kids from here to there, making sure homework gets done and tending to your own job and errands, as well. We also know how important it is to keep your house safe and clean for your family. We’ve gathered together a few of our favorite cleaning tips — advice to help you keep things squeaky clean without adding stress to your day. Read on and get inspired!

Have Cleaning Supplies Will Travel
Ever feel like half of your cleaning work involves running back and forth for soaps, sprays and supplies? Speed things up by keeping it all with you! Find a small, transportable basket where you can stow your sponges, rubber gloves and cleaners — and then move it from one room to the next. That way, you’re sure to have what you need, whether it’s time to polish some furniture, wipe off your windows or get those countertops sparkling clean. (Your Food Town is always running sales on the cleaning supplies you know and love. Be sure to check out our digital deals, weekly ads and Swift Savings yellow coupons, so you can stock up on supplies for less!)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget that cleaning supplies can be incredibly dangerous to little ones. Make sure to store your basket someplace where little hands can’t get to them. If your child does happen to eat or drink a cleaner, contact Poison Control immediately.

Don’t Let the Details Drag You Down   
It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole when it comes time to clean the house. What’s meant to be a quick cleanup becomes an all-day event when you start roving through drawers, perusing forgotten photo albums and digging in on tasks you didn’t mean to start. Consider dedicating 20 minutes each day to cleaning efforts, tackling a different room each time. Set a timer and go, go, go. Once time’s up, it’s up! You’ll find yourself focusing on the tasks that matter most — and keeping the house in pretty good shape all week long. You’ll still need to roll up your sleeves on deeper work from time to time, but with these daily quick cleans, the process will be a whole lot simpler.

Find Sneaky Second Uses for Stuff You Already Have
You know how folks say you should work smarter, not harder? We really like that phrase. There are all sorts of specialized cleaning products you could spend money on, but we bet you’ve got most of what you need already. Vinegar works wonders on everything from clearing buildup off shower heads, to giving your mirrors a streak-free clean. And that lemon from your iced tea? It does an amazing job freshening up your garbage disposal. Meanwhile, a window squeegee gets pet hair out of carpets like magic — and dryer sheets keep baseboards looking great. There are all sorts of life hack cleaning tips out there, so long as you know where to look. Go online, do some searching and find great new uses for things you already own. Your bank account will thank you!

We hope these cleaning tips spark a little inspiration for your family, and make around-the-house chores a bit easier. Remember, your Food Town has everything you need to keep your place looking great, from great-smelling Ensueño laundry products, to convenient Sparkle and Bounty paper towels and Clorox disinfecting wipes, too. Swing by your nearest Food Town and stock up. We can’t wait to see you!   

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