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Five Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

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We’d all like to do more to help the environment, and did you know there are easy things you can do to create a more eco-friendly shopping experience? It doesn’t take a lot of work— or a lot of effort — to take a few small steps toward a cleaner environment. Here are five easy things you can do next time you’re at your local neighborhood grocery store.

Reuse Bags
Can you guess how many plastic shopping bags the average household takes home every year? About 1,500! And less than 3% of those are ever recycled. That is a lot of plastic waste that ends up in our landfills. Cut that number down by bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store. Don’t have any reusable bags? No problem — we’ve got you covered! You can purchase reusable bags at any Food Town location.   

Buy Seasonal Produce
When you buy fruits and vegetables in season, they don’t have to travel halfway around the world from farms in other countries. This cuts down on the amount of global shipping and carbon emissions worldwide. As an added bonus, because it costs less to ship, you’ll get a better price, too!

Buy Local
Along the same lines, make an effort to buy products from local companies. There are a lot of great Texas food manufacturers out there, and even Houston food producers! We feature a lot of local food producers in our stores, such as Kountry Boys Sausage and Zummo Meat Company, so check the labels on your next visit. Buying local means your products don’t need to be shipped long distances. That’s fewer trucks on the road and less fuel consumed.

Combine Shopping Trips
If you’re like a lot of people, you probably end up making extra trips to the grocery store during the week. A little advanced planning can cut down on that. Plan out your weekly shopping and make one trip per week instead. You can even combine all your errands into one day, so you’re saving time and saving gas. This adds up to a smaller carbon footprint and cleaner air for everyone!

Recycle and Reuse
Cutting down on waste goes a long way toward a cleaner planet. Most people know you can recycle glass, plastic, paper and cans. But you can also reuse a lot of products. Plastic containers can be turned into planters for a flower or herb garden. Start seedlings or organize small items in egg cartons. Store beans or leftovers in glass jars. Or, reuse boxes to organize closets and drawers. Think creatively to reuse packaging.

Up your eco-friendly shopping game with these tips, and make a positive impact on the planet!   

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