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The Frito Pie: Lots of Reasons to Love this Texas Fave

frito pie

How do we love the Frito pie? Let us count the ways. Not only is this Lone Star State staple a real palate-pleaser among all ages, but it’s quick and easy to prepare! (And perhaps best of all — at least for busy moms and dads? Since it can be made up right inside the chip bag itself, the Frito pie makes cleanup a breeze!) Of course, a meal this perfect deserves a spot in your family’s meal rotation. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get started.

Frito Pies Make for Easy Fare for Friend and Family Gatherings
Celebrating a little one’s birthday? Frito pie bar. Kiddo hosting their first-ever sleepover? Frito pie bar. Gathering a group together to catch the big game? You guessed it — Frito pie bar. We love this meal option because it’s just so easy to cater to individual folks’ tastes and preferences. Get wild with salsa, cheese, and pepper options. Indulge in your creative side by adding unexpected mix-ins such as pepperoni, chorizo, and spices to the list. (Feeling really fancy? Cook up some queso!) You might even give people the option of other yummy Frito-Lay chips. There’s no wrong way to Frito pie, y’all. Any concoction is sure to be delicious.

Frito Pies Are a Great Way to Get Kids Interested in Cooking
At Food Town, we’re big on family togetherness. And simple recipes such as the Frito pie are a great way to let little ones roll up their sleeves in the kitchen — and learn valuable skills while they’re at it. If they’re old enough, it’s an opportunity to teach them the safe way to open cans, chop veggies, and even warm items up on the stovetop. For littler guys, it’s a chance to practice those fine motor skills by pouring pre-cut ingredients into serving dishes and plating up their very own dinner. While you’re instilling confidence (and maybe even a love of cooking) in them, you’ll be making lasting memories, too.

Frito Pies Are Perfectly Packable for Road Trips and Campouts
A portable meal option with few (if any) dishes to contend with? Yes, please! Pack your individual-serving chip bags, canned chili, onions (and any other accouterments you’re craving), and hit the road to wherever you’re headed! Because only certain items, such as cheese, sour cream, and opened chili, require refrigeration, you’ve got plenty of cooler space for cold drinks and other snacks. Of course, you’ll need a few tools of the trade, including a can opener, disposable utensils, and napkins, to ensure a successful meal. Once you’ve got that covered, all you need is quick access to a microwave or a campfire in the great outdoors!

Ready to get rollin’ on this amazing meal option? Swing by your Food Town, where we’ve got aisles filled with fantastic Frito-Lay finds (and every ingredient to accompany them, too)! If you’re looking for a bit more inspiration, be sure to check out the Fritos® website, where you’ll find ingredients for things like the Fritos® Pie Burrito, an actual pie-style Fritos® Pie and even sweet and salty cookies with those crunchy corn chips mixed right in!

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