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Simple Tips for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is important year-round, but with November being National Diabetes Month — and the holidays just around the corner — now is a great time to remind folks to keep healthy habits on track. After all, hearty meals and treats are a staple of the season. Simply taking a moment to consider the options available and make smarter decisions can really help keep meals healthier. Read on for great insight into a few food substitutions that allow folks to enjoy a holiday meal without all the guilt and discomfort that goes along with unhealthier options.

Put a Twist on Traditional Comfort Food
Spaghetti is a comfort food go-to when it comes to sharing meals family-style. Did you know that squash works great as a replacement in casseroles and most pasta dishes? Sure, it might add a bit to your meal’s prep time, but the carb savings alone are worth it. In fact, we’re willing to be the family will enjoy it so much that they won’t even miss the traditional noodles.

Replace it with Cauliflower
Cauliflower is a trend that seems to have staying power for people in search of a low-carb, little-to-no sugar diet. It’s versatile and can be made several ways — cut into slices and grilled like a steak, mashed as a great replacement for standard mashed potatoes and even chopped finely like rice! This is one guilt-free option that ensures you don’t have to give up the things you love about your favorite rice bowl, chicken wings and the like.

Ditch the Bun
Quite often, leftovers turn into sandwiches. Curb the temptation to put your proteins and sides between bread by making lettuce wraps. Fresh lettuce is crispy, it pairs with most flavors and is a great way to create tasty, low-carb finger foods you can eat on the go.

Say Yes to Dessert
Those mindful of diabetes and other health issues affected by diet can find it difficult to splurge during special occasions. The good news is, today there are countless options and sweetener substitutes that make it possible to say yes to dessert — even things like peanut butter cookies. Keeping no-sugar, low-carb options for treats and snacks on hand will help curb the temptation to cave into less healthy options that could lead to an insulin spike (and at the same time, it still satisfies that sweet tooth craving!)

By taking charge of your diet and replacing certain ingredients with better-for-you substitutes, you can enjoy your favorite home-cooked meals and snacks in a healthier way. And that’s great advice outside of National Diabetes Month, too! Healthy eating, in combination with exercise, is the best way to control many health concerns. And your neighborhood grocery store is here to help.

Our shelves are stocked with all sorts of flavorful and healthy ingredients. (and our Pinterest boards are full of healthy options, too!) Of course, if you get home from your grocery run and realize you forgot something, no problem. We offer grocery delivery, too! Here’s to a happy (and healthy) holiday season, neighbors!

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