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Kountry Boys Brand: Homemade Flavor Prepared Right Here in Texas


Have you ever tried Kountry Boys Sausage, neighbor? Established in 1998 in Brenham, Texas, this incredible company got its start with recipes handed down for generations. (And as you know, with our own deep Houston roots, your Food Town loves doing business with great folks from around our area.) We thought we’d take a moment to shine the spotlight on this customer fave. Read on to learn how Kountry Boys found its footing and what keeps shoppers going back for more.

Kountry Boys began with a group of German, Polish and Czech immigrants who wanted to combine bits of their heritage to form one tasty business venture. The cornerstone of their business is a food close to many Texans’ hearts — smoked rope sausage. From their time-honored recipes to meat selection, their focus has always been on creating consistent gourmet flavor without the fillers and additives other companies use to cut costs.

With their start in the Texas Czech Belt, the company found an “in” with a regional favorite: the kolache. A popular local bakery began using Kountry Boys Sausage in their kolache creations and, as word spread and lines grew longer each week, they realized they had a winning combination. The brands joined forces on “scratch-baked” goods to sell on the retail scale, and 23 years later, they’re still a hit. Kountry Boys’ kolaches, buns, and pies remain local favorites and are popular throughout Texas.

Today, you can find Kountry Boys Sausage’s ever-expanding line of products throughout Texas and beyond (though your neighborhood Food Town is the only place you really need to visit). Whether you’re on the lookout for cocktail smokies, traditional smoked sausage, Boudin, crab boil — or even shank or butt portion hams — rest assured Kountry Boys Sausage does it, and they do it well. (In 2020 alone, they sold more than 1.1 million pounds of smoked meats and hot wings!)

Kountry Boys Sausage went into business with the goal of creating authentic, high-quality foods, and we think it’s fair to say they’ve succeeded. In fact, they were recently named Favorite Sausage Company in the Brenham Banner-Press’ Readers Choice Awards! Whether you’re a longtime Kountry Boys Sausage fan — or a Food Town shopper looking to add something different to the dinner table — we know you’ll love it. Stop by and shop their incredible offerings at any of our Houston-area locations!

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