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Let’s Fiesta: Food Town Has Piñatas, Houston!

Did you know your neighborhood Food Town is also your go-to for piñatas, Houston? It’s true! In addition to quality meats, fresh produce and frozen treats you need for your family fiestas, we’ve got piñatas, too! These festive finds are located inside each of our Houston-area grocery stores, usually high above the aisles to help inspire smiles while you shop.

They say the tradition of the piñata dates way (way) back — by about 700 years — to Asia, where folks used them to ring in the new year. Later, when explorer extraordinaire Marco Polo caught wind of the fun, he took piñatas right along with him on his travels, first to Italy, and then Spain. Today, you can find piñatas all over the place (including your Food Town) and in every imaginable size, shape and color!

Of course, just as there are a million different types of piñatas out there, there are a million ways to put them to good use. (Even during times like COVID-19, where most group gatherings are at a halt.) Here are just a few great suggestions from your friends at Food Town:

  • Added Awesome for Drive-By Shindigs: People everywhere are celebrating birthdays and other big events by inviting friends to decorate their cars, drive by and honk. Why not set up a piñata space where youngsters (or the young at heart) can hop out for a few socially-distanced swings? Once it breaks, bag up the goodies and have the whole crew drive by once more to pick up their reward. Remember to save something special for whoever makes the winning swing!
  • A Fun Twist on the Gender Reveal: Recently, parents-to-be have taken to inviting loved ones together to learn — and celebrate — the gender of their incoming bundle of joy. Provide a sealed envelope with the exciting information to a trusted friend and ask them to fill the piñata with pink or blue confetti, candy, pacifiers and other knickknacks. Then, get everybody involved in the big reveal!
  • Great for Grownup Gatherings: Looking for something festive for a bash where kiddos aren’t invited? Fun bead necklaces, plastic shot glasses and miniature (non-breakable) bottles of alcohol make fantastic fillers! Just make sure your partygoers are of legal age, neighbor.
  • A Simple Outlet for Stress Relief: Sometimes it just feels good to take out a bit of stress. Find a piñata you fancy, grab a stick and have at it. (It’s a lot more fun if you fill it with candy and other goodies, but it isn’t 100% necessary.) As an added bonus, it’s a great arm workout, too!

There are tons of reasons we love piñatas, Houston. They’re a fun (and easy) activity that brings the whole bunch together at a bash, and they instantly make any space more festive. Stop by your nearest Food Town, to shop piñatas, filler candy and sticks, too! (Not to mention everything else on your shopping list.) Fiesta on, amigos — we’ll see you soon!

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