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Mac and Cheese: The Meal Everybody Loves!

There’s just something great about a heaping helping of mac and cheese. It’s comfort food after a long day. It’s ooey-gooey goodness that doesn’t take long to prepare. It’s a reminder of carefree times when you were a kid. And the best part? It’s a meal the whole family can get behind! (Fun Fact: July 14 is National Mac and Cheese Day!) At Food Town, we’re big on meals that get the whole family gathered around the table together — and mac and cheese is a great example. Here are some great ways to mix things up with this mealtime favorite.

Create a Mac and Cheese Bar with All Sorts of Fixin’s
The traditional dish might be mainly noodles and cheese, but there’s no rule against getting creative! Why not pull together a whole slew of mix-ins and let the family customize to their heart’s content? Yummy bacon, ground beef and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese all suit a wide range of palates. Salsa, peppers and chili can give the dish a great Tex-Mex twist, while veggies such as artichokes, spinach, tomatoes and even peas all bring interesting flavor into the mix. Don’t forget the toppings! Stock up on things like sour cream, tortilla chips and seasoned breadcrumbs to allow folks to put the perfect finishing touch on their creation.

Try Your Hand at a Healthier Version of an Old Favorite
There are all sorts of ways to lighten up this family fave without sacrificing a bit of flavor. You can always opt for a reduced-fat cheese and lower fat (or even skim) milk, of course. If you want to make things a little healthier but maintain that creamy consistency, you can also replace the butter and milk in your recipe with Greek yogurt! Of course, mix-ins such as in this zucchini mac and cheese recipe make it easy to incorporate extra nutrition without little ones even noticing!

Your favorite Houston grocery is big on mac and cheese all year long. (Can you blame us?) You can always spot big savings on great brands like Reser’s mac and cheese. (Be sure to download the Food Town + app or visit our Digital Coupons page to scope out all the savings!) Sometimes we go even bigger, with fun contests and giveaways like our 2021 Food Town S’mac + Cheese Down!

Mac and cheese is a meal just about everybody loves, and your Food Town has every incredible ingredient in store. Stop by your neighborhood store soon to see us!

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