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Hydration Tips to Start the New Year on a Healthy Foot

The new year is here, and your Food Town has pulled together some hydration tips to help you place your health front and center in 2023. After all, when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, most people forget the important role proper hydration can play. Providing your body with adequate moisture intake throughout the day can help you feel (and even look) better.

Take Water on the Go
A trusty reusable water bottle is the easiest way to combat dehydration. Make an effort to keep your water bottle full, and to take it with you wherever you happen to roam. Not only does it serve as a visual reminder to pause and take a drink at regular intervals, but it helps reduce the temptation to reach for a soda or other sugary drink that isn’t as beneficial to the body. If you’re a Food Town + app user, you can often even score FREE packs of water from our stores! We include the offer regularly in our weekly Digital Deals and Sunday One-Day promotions!

Infuse Your Water with Fresh Fruits and Veggies
Make hydration fun with an infusion pitcher that you can keep full in the fridge. Add your favorite fruits and veggies to the pitcher for some subtle yet satisfying flavor. Lemon, berries, cucumber, and even celery can all make for enticing options you’ll want to pour ice cold from the fridge. It’ll taste great and help you meet those hydration goals. (Our Infused Water Pinterest board offers all sorts of great inspiration!)

Jazz it Up with a Flavor Pack
Not a fan of plain water — and don’t think infusion packs enough flavor? Your local Houston grocery store has a solution for that. With a variety of concentrated flavors and powder packs available, it’s easy to add big taste without adding lots of calories. You’ll still get all the hydration benefits water offers, just disguised as a flavorful drink.

We hope these hydration tips have proven helpful! At your Food Town, we try to make healthy habits easy (and affordable, too). Stop by and see us soon at any of our Houston-area stores!

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