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Sandwich Ideas for Lunches They’ll Love

Back-to-school season means folks everywhere checking items off supply lists, stocking little ones’ backpacks and seeking out lunch options — like sandwich ideas — their kids won’t want to trade away in the cafeteria. And when it comes to the school lunch? We know the struggle.

Packing the perfect lunchbox can seem like a monumental task each day. Not only must you come up with something tasty (and nutritious!) to prepare, but you have to find the time to pull it all together. Have no fear, neighbor! Your friends at Food Town are all about making life easier, especially at busy times like these. We’ve gathered some sandwich ideas aimed at helping to spark a bit of creativity, make kiddos’ lunchboxes a bit more memorable — and ease your day-to-day stress, while we’re at it.

Don’t Get Sandwiched in by Simple Bread
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditional white or wheat bread, but when you’re looking to keep things interesting, a different base is a great place to start. For instance, why not place tasty tuna salad between slices of cucumber for healthy, low-carb tea sandwiches? Or opt for a bagel instead? Our Totalmente Tortillas Pinterest board offers great ideas for rollups and wraps, while our Empanadas for Everyone board houses recipes for both sweet and savory versions of the sandwich-adjacent treat. If you really wanna push the limits, our Waffle Iron Hacks board features some grilled cheese and quesadilla ideas that are really something special.

Transform Existing Leftovers into Sandwich Inspiration
Why not find new ways to incorporate the foods and flavors your kids already love into an unexpected lunchbox experience? Leftover breakfast items such as biscuits, sausage, bacon and egg are the great start to yummy sliders. Chicken nuggets or strips paired with a bit of honey on a toasted roll? There’s another great option for ya. Did your family dig in on fajitas for dinner? Why not layer the leftover meat with a bit of cheese and some barbecue sauce, too? The options are absolutely limitless, friends, and finding ways to repurpose food you’ve already made? That’s an awful lot of fun. 

Get Creative with Cute Shapes
If you’re anything like us, you don’t have a ton of time to be fussing about with perfectly coifed bento boxes. (Although there are some absolutely adorable ones out there!) But the truth is, even little ones eat with their eyes. If you can make their school lunches a bit more visual, there’s a good chance you’ll entice them to dig in. Use a cookie cutter to create sandwiches that aren’t just interesting, but are easy for little hands to hold onto. On a similar note, a folded tortilla opens you up to a whole world of origami opportunities. Be sure to drop by our Lunchbox Love Pinterest board for information on these and all sorts of other great options! Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our Sandwiches board, neighbor! (Fun Fact: August is National Sandwich Month! Who knew?) Of course, our shelves are stocked with all sorts of great fixin’s. No matter which of our Houston grocery stores you drop by, you’re sure to get inspired. Wishing all the parents out there an easy, breezy back-to-school season. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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