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Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Make Santa’s Job Easier

Stocking stuffer ideas. They should be easy to come by, right? After all, they’re small, they don’t have to be wrapped — and they’re likely going to friends and family members you know fairly well. While all of that might be true, the fact is, the holidays are busy. When you aren’t running from one holiday party to the next, you’re baking cookies, planning menus and shopping ‘til you drop for the folks on your list. When things calm down enough to even think about Christmas stockings, many people feel a bit burnt out. At Food Town, we get it, neighbor! And we’re here to help make the holidays happier. Our elves have gathered some of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas together — a helpful go-to for all the gift givers out there!
Gift Fun Toys to Help Keep Them Occupied Between meal preps for holiday feasts and visits with family members you might not see often, this time of year can lead to lots of down time for little ones (and even those who are young at heart.) Having something to keep hands and minds active can help make everyone happy! Whoopee cushions and foam dart guns are a great way to let them get into some not-too-destructive mischief, while sidewalk chalk and paint sets get the creative juices flowing. Of course, you can never go wrong with toy cars, dolls, bubbles and other traditional toys. (They’re popular for a reason!)
Give Them Something They’d Have to Buy Anyway Practical gifts might not be the most exciting of purchases, but they’re sure to be appreciated. From soaps and shampoos to keep them feeling their best, to favorite spices to keep their pantries stocked, presents like don’t just show you’re paying attention — they make the recipient’s life a little easier! If you’d rather leave the decisions in their hands, consider including a gift card! (At Food Town you can grab up gift cards to shop with us, as well as other popular restaurants, retail stores and online shops!) The Gift of Seasonal Snackage Anyone who’s hosted (or attended) Christmas morning festivities has experienced that period between presents and mealtime where people simply need to snack. A favorite candy bar, bag of chips or similar seasonal treat inside their stocking can keep people happy and occupied until it’s time to dig in on the main meal. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to stocking stuffer ideas — depending on the size of the stocking, that is! If you’re looking for additional inspiration, you can find tons of great (and affordable) gift options inside our Houston grocery stores. We’d love for you to stop by!

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