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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Ladies Who’ve Led the Way

During Women’s History Month — and all year long — your Food Town is big on giving credit where credit is due. We thought this female-forward “holiday” presented a fantastic opportunity to take a step back and learn about some of the women who helped shape the companies and products you know and love — and to maybe answer a few of the questions surrounding those big names. Read on, learn a little something and get inspired, neighbor. Happy Women’s History Month!

Meet the Women Behind a Few of Today’s Big Brands
If you’re a fan of our Mamá Julia refried beans, cheeses and other delicious finds, you should know she’s a real person with a passion for great flavors — and a penchant for making mealtime easy. In fact, we’ve written an entire blog about her! Similarly, Mrs. Smith’s, known for their tasty desserts and flaky pie crusts, originated in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. It was there, the company website notes, that Amanda Smith made a name for herself with her homemade pies — and eventually launched a business all her own. Another awesome woman who forged a new path in the food world was Mildred Dalton, with Best Maid Pickles. According to the company’s website, Mildred’s homemade mayonnaise drew attention from friends and customers at her husband’s Ft. Worth, Texas, grocery. As time progressed and word got out, she expanded to offer a sandwich spread. When relish prices proved too pricey? She and her husband planted their own pickles. (The rest, as they say, is history!)

Learn the True Identity Behind Some Other Names and Faces You Know
Of course, not every brand out there that we associate with a woman was actually founded or run by one. (But that doesn’t make them any less fantastic!) Betty Crocker is a great example. According to the company’s website, the name was actually created as a way to personalize letters sent back to customers who wrote in with questions. (“Crocker” was chosen in honor of William G. Crocker, who had recently retired from the company, while “Betty” was just thought to be a friendly name.) On a similar note, the snack cake company that eventually became Little Debbie was founded by O.D. McKee. Unlike Betty Crocker, however, the iconic girl in the straw hat was inspired by a real person McKee knew quite well — his very own granddaughter. According to the company’s website, her image first came to be associated with the company in 1960.

Of course, we would be remiss if we failed to mention the many, many women who help keep your Food Town running as it should. We are proud to employ strong, hardworking women in every facet of our work — from product orders and stocking assistance to make sure you have access to the items you need, to the smiling faces at our registers and offering assistance in-store and the leadership keeping our departments operating smoothly. We hope you’ve learned a little something about your favorite brands — and neighborhood grocery, too! Once again, happy Women’s History Month. Stop by to see us soon!


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