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Meet Mama Julia!

“Mama Julia” products are a Food Town fave, from their refried beans to tamales, we’re hearing raves about the quick & easy prep, great Food Town price (of course!), and how delicious each and every item is! We keep getting the question, who is Mama Julia?

Mama Julia put her heart and soul into everything she did.  While good at many things such as horseback riding and sewing, her true passion was in the kitchen.  Her love for cooking began at a young age in her family home with her mamá and her idle, her abuela.  Many of her masterpieces were created using fresh vegetables – grown right there in her family garden in Mexico.

As a young adult feeling the need to create more opportunity for her family, Mama Julia left her home and moved to Texas.  Her love for cooking didn’t stop there.  Her creations may originate from Mexico but in order to appeal to all folks, she began to add a tex-mex flair to many dishes.

Loving to entertain, her dishes were enjoyed by close family and friends.  Her desire for families around the world to enjoy her cooking and spend time with their loved ones led to the expansion of Mama Julia’s high- quality, restaurant type products with a home-style authentic taste.  Her goal was to offer foods that didn’t take long to reheat and tasted like home cooking!

Abuela’s most favorite and Mama Julia’s most famous is her refried beans.  While traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mama Julia found this tasty side and after visiting often learning the secret to making this perfect dish, she came back to Texas, put a twist on the recipe using just four simple ingredients and made it her own.  Ensuring they never have the aluminum flavor, Mama Julia’s Refried Beans are packaged in stand-up pouches easily warmed in the microwave and are the perfect complement to any meal.

A Texas tradition for over sixty years, Mama Julia’s famous tamales are cooked in small batch kettles using meat that is shredded or ground mixed with only the freshest vegetables, peppers and spices.  They are then individually hand wrapped in corn husk, steamed for perfection and vacuumed packed to maintain freshness.  Tamale Tuesday can be on your dinner table in less than ten minutes – that’s how long it takes to steam heat these famous tamales!

Described as works of art by some, her recipes were inspired by her life and her love of Mexico.  Mama Julia invites you to a seat at her kitchen table for a Mexican experience you’ll never forget.

Fun Fact #1 – Most of Mama Julia’s products are sold in increments of Kilos and medio Kilos.

Fun Fact #2 – Products offered at Food Town are Fresh or Shelf Stable – never frozen.

Fun Fact #3 – Mama Julia’s products are Gluten Free with no preservatives or artificial colors.

With a wide selection of Mama Julia favorites available at your neighborhood Food Town, we’re here to help you pick just the right ingredient to make destination recipes your whole family will sure to love. 

Whether you need pinto beans, rice, Queso Fresco or Grated Cotija, you can find great prices on every delicious Mama Julia ingredient you need at your Food Town.  Check out our weekly ad for a glimpse of some of this week’s sales on your favorite Mama Julia products.

View some of our Favorite Mama Julia recipes: Tamale Pie & Chicken Enchiladas

Check out our Pinterest page or follow Mama Julia on facebook or instagram for more delicious authentic Mexican recipes.

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