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Great Food Brings Folks Together During Family Game Night

Scheduling a family game night is a great way to get everyone in one place at the same time. (After all, life is busy!) Picking a day of the week to get everybody together doesn’t just give you something to look forward to, but helps strengthen that family bond — and relieves stress from the busy work and school week. Of course, good food is a must-have at even the most casual of family get-togethers. Start your family game night by stopping by your favorite Houston grocery store to get all the ingredients you need. Here are some ideas to get your game night plans rolling.

Have a Theme
A fun theme is something everybody can get on board with and make their own. Ask your crew to contribute, whether through themed foods, décor or even costumes! (But why stop there?) Instead of simply playing your games as usual, act them out. For example, if your family likes playing Clue, ask everyone to dress as their favorite character — and then get creative. The decorations and food can all become part of the clues as the family works together to determine “whodunnit.”

Invite Friends
Have friends who are just like family that you want in on the fun? Have a potluck where you cook the meat (or another main course) and friends bring side dishes and dessert to share. Sweeten the pot by offering prizes to the night’s big winners. You can stop by your favorite Houston grocery store to gather fun party snacks and drinks for prize gift baskets.

Keep it Simple
Is it close to the end of the week and you’ve just realized you don’t have anything ready for family game night? Just keep it simple. Family game nights are supposed to be relaxing, not stressful. If you’re short on time, create a meal from ingredients you already have. You can pull together all sorts of great eats using five ingredients or less. For the evening’s activity, get everyone to team up for a Nerf gun war. Then, lay out a plan of attack and encouraging everyone to give it their all. The family will be getting in some much-needed exercise without even realizing it.

For everything you need to make family game night great — and at great prices, too — shop your neighborhood Food Town. We have all the food favorites your family loves!

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