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La Vaquita – Rich Flavors & Traditions

At Food Town, we value every partner relationship, but we take extra pride in watching a neighbor’s product not only succeed and grow but also become a culinary benchmark.

Like Food Town, La Vaquita started right here in Houston. In 1971, Maria Castro, newly emigrated from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, began making queso fresco in her Houston home. Basing her creations on recipes handed down from her mother, Maria recreated the artisanal, small-batch processes used at her family farm. As word spread, neighbors and friends began requesting to purchase the cheese, and La Vaquita was born. Since then, La Vaquita has delivered a unique touch of flavor and tradition to Mexican cuisine to Houstonians with their authentic cremas and queso frescos. La Vaquita queso fresco has always been a mainstay product in our store.  In fact, it was on the shelves when we opened our first Food Town store in 1994!

This year, La Vaquita is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving back to the Houston community. La Vaquita has never lost its sense of tradition and community; it’s how they started and it remains a core value for them. In May, La Vaquita worked at the Houston Food Bank with the goal of providing “Food for Better Lives.” La Vaquita donated 12 pallets (13,000 pounds) of their queso fresco product. That’s a lot of queso! Also, while working, 5,400 meals were provided to the local Houston community to help fight hunger.

La Vaquita is most excited about their newest product – butter. The new butter products, launched this summer, are such an important cornerstone for cooking and baking. La Vaquita’s Salted Butter or Unsalted Butter are made with real milk and have no artificial additives. The only ingredients used are milk and a pinch of salt (for the salted butter).

La Vaquita’s NEW Salted/Unsalted butter is a great ingredient to use for many dishes, from main dishes to sweet treats. Their Traditional Butter Cookies recipe is simple to make and very flavorful. Plus they store beautifully making them easy to have on hand.

La Vaquita Traditional Butter Cookies

As school starts and throughout the school year, product selection is important when buying groceries. It’s a good time to try out La Vaquita’s delicious recipes that are perfect for the lunch box. Whether it’s their healthy drinkable yogurt smoothies or versatile shredded cheeses, La Vaquita has you covered for all your meals.

La Vaquita continues to add to their delicious offerings with new items such as the drinkable Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies which comes in a variety of flavors: Strawberry Banana, Piña Colada, Strawberry, and Mango. These are perfect for healthy lunch box additions. Just toss the smoothies in the freezer for 30 minutes or add a gel pack to their lunch box and you have a healthy, refreshing treat that your kids are sure to love!

One of our favorite La Vaquita butter recipes here at Food Town is the Poblano Pepper and Butter Spaghetti. This savory meal is another great option to include in a lunchbox and especially at the dinner table.

At Food Town, we’ve always been fans of the family dinner, committing to eating together 3 times a week. La Vaquita offers a variety of authentic cheeses which makes incorporating traditional flavors even easier at home.

La Vaquita’s Queso Fresco is their #1 selling, most popular product, due to their unique formula which uses whole milk and has lower moisture content. In 2020, the National Milk Producers Federation awarded La Vaquita 1st place in a major industry cheese contest for their Queso Fresco. This 50-year old family recipe gives their versatile cheese a creamier, smoother texture and adds authentic flavor and tradition to any meal.

Be sure to check out these delicious, easy-to-make recipes that showcase La Vaquita’s Queso Fresco!


Ensalada De Nopal


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