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Tips for a SUPER Mother’s Day: Gifts, Meals and More

It’s time to celebrate some of our all-time favorite superheroes, neighbor — let’s talk about Mother’s Day gifts and ways to recognize these hardworking ladies! The truth is, you don’t have to have a lot of cash on hand to create a special day for your best girl. Moms save the day each and every day, and they’re sure to appreciate any thoughtful gift or celebration your put your heart into this Mother’s Day. (And you can get just about everything you need from Food Town, your local Houston grocery store!)
mothers day gifts for superhero moms
Since Mother’s Day falls on Sunday (aka a day they don’t have school), why not get the kids involved with one of our super easy Five Ingredients or Less recipes? It’ll only take one quick trip to the grocery store, and the kids will get to cook something special for Mom. With recipes like Buffalo chicken pizza and peanut butter cup napoleons, you can plan a special meal without a lot of preparation or fuss. If the mom in your life is big on spa days, why not create a DIY gift basket? Take a trip to our health and beauty section and stock up on Mom’s favorite bath products and lotions. Package them up with chocolates or other top treats and give her some uninterrupted time to lounge in a hot bath with her favorite magazines. Want to give her even more of a spa experience? Check out our Food Facials ideas! Speaking of gift baskets, moms who love to cook will have fun trying ingredients from our international department and the International Spice Station. Print up a tasty recipe or two and package the ingredients with a hand-drawn Mother’s Day card from the kids. Just make sure she doesn’t have to cook on her special day! Would you rather give her something short and sweet? Make a stop at the Food Town gift card mall. You can give Mom the gift of Food Town groceries or choose from lots of other gift cards for other big-name restaurants and retailers! Treat all the moms in your life to a special Mother’s Day gift this year. It’s a great way to say thank you for all the ways they save the day!

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