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Spotlight on Cajun Cooking

Cajun cooking - sausage, peppers and gumbo

Cajun cooking is all about flavor, flavor and more flavor. Your neighborhood Food Town might be a Houston grocery store, but we are stocked with our fair share of Louisiana flair. (Of course, it doesn’t end there. At our International Spice Station, you’ll find spices from around the world to help kick things up a notch!) Cajun cooking is delicious, hearty and perfect for weekly meal prepping or party planning. Read on for a bit of insight. 

Cajun Cooking Essentials
When it comes to Cajun cooking, you can’t go wrong with spice blends like Tony Chachere’s, and family-favorite custom blends, combined with delicious proteins like shrimp, chicken or sausage — and rice that packs a flavor punch. You’ll find great Louisiana brands such as Big Easy Foods and Tony Chachere’s products on Food Town shelves! Here are some of the most popular Cajun dishes you can add into your rotation:

  • Jambalaya: You can’t talk about Cajun cooking without talking jambalaya. This rice dish is cooked in one pot with plenty of spice and your choice of seafood, chicken, sausage or all of the above. It’s easy to make in large quantities, which makes it perfect for your next tailgate party. Best of all, your local Food Town now sells Pioneer-brand spice packets that make it even easier to create a delicious pot of jambalaya (among other great dishes).
  • Gumbo: This hearty entrée comes paired with rice and meat or seafood, and your options are absolutely endless. Get creative with different proteins, soul food flavors and favorite ingredients (why not try okra?) and cook up a huge pot at the start of the week! Wanna go slightly off the beaten path? In the South, some folks take the controversial approach of topping their gumbo with potato salad! Any leftovers will make for happy tummies and easy mealtimes, since your family can enjoy the dish over multiple lunches or dinners.
  • Shrimp and Grits: This Southern favorite plays with your palate by combining the creaminess of grits with the quick bite of spiced and sauteed shrimp. Try it for an easy Sunday brunch or weeknight dinner.

Cajun Staples
Your neighborhood Food Town is a Houston grocery with plenty of Cajun staples ready to bring home to your kitchen. In addition to the brands we mentioned up above, we have Louisiana Fish Fry Products, quality meats and plenty of spice, so you’ll be ready for any Cajun cooking craving. We also have a great collection of Cajun seafood ideas on this Pinterest board. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, you can also check out these recipes.

Make your neighborhood Food Town a part of your weekly meal-planning. We are always updating our Fresh Picks and digital coupons to help you find what you need (at prices you’ll love). Create your next Cajun shopping list and come pay us a visit. We can’t wait to see you, neighbor! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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