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There’s Soul Much We Love About Soul Food, Houston!

Crispy fried chicken, savory greens, mouthwatering sweet potato pie — when it comes to soul food, Houston can’t get enough! At Food Town, we are proud to offer all sorts of soul food staples for the at-home chef, whether you’re a born-and-bred southerner who was raised on the stuff or simply someone who enjoys a great meal. Read on to get inspired and learn a bit more about this fantastic fare.

What exactly is soul food? The term, which Delish dates back to the 1960s, covers staples such as johnnycakes, hushpuppies, beans and more, passed down through generations of African-American families and cooks. The Spruce Eats website goes on to explain that, due to the cuisine’s roots in Southern enslavement, it centered on using whatever ingredients were available. Because of this, things such as pork were used in countless ways — from ribs and feet which made for hearty meals, to rendered fat which aided in cooking and even organs, which could be made into chitlins. You might say soul food was the original start to the “nose to tail” culinary mindset.

Of course, while the history of soul food is interesting in itself, the real joy comes with digging into a fresh-cooked meal. And at Food Town we have you covered! Here are a few ways we’re here to help you serve up scrumptious soul food, Houston:

  • Meat Cut Fresh in Store: Each Food Town has designated meat cutters on staff, meaning you always have access to the precise cuts you’re looking for. (And if you don’t see what you want? Just ask! We are more than happy to head to the back to bring you a custom cut.) On top of that, we are proud to stock cuts other stores typically don’t. That includes pig feet, chicken feet and chitterlings.
  • International Spice Stations: Located at each and every Food Town, these spice sections offer a virtually limitless supply of flavor options. Pick up and old favorite — or branch out and try something new. Either way, it’s bound to be delicious!
  • Fresh Produce Delivered Daily: Fresh corn on the cob, potatoes perfect for mashing, greens guaranteed to please — you’ll find them all at Food Town. Our shipments are delivered daily, and we work hard to stock our produce sections throughout the day.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and try cooking up some soul food for yourself? (Or maybe you’re an old pro just looking to try your hand at a new recipe?) Our Bless Your Soul Food Pinterest board is a great place to start! With step-by-step instructions for everything from homemade biscuits, to baby back ribs and jambalaya with a kick, it’ll  get your wheels turning and mouth watering. Stop by to create your grocery list, then swing by your neighborhood Food Town. We can’t wait to see you, neighbor!

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