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Holiday Pies: Looking Beyond Traditional Bakes

a man picking up holiday pies

‘Tis the season for holiday pies — and maybe some outside-the-box cooking, too! At Food Town, we’re big fans of all those traditional dessert flavors around the holidays, but we like to mix things up sometimes, too. Read on for our take on holiday pies that might take you slightly off the beaten path, but will be no less delicious.

Holiday Pies That Offer Something for Everybody
We’ve all been there, neighbor — taking time to roll up your sleeves on a homemade (or store-bought — no judgment) dessert or two, only to find you’re woefully out of counterspace. Recently, culinary minds have figured out how to free up some space without skimping on the sweets. For instance, you can divvy up your sheet pan into three or four separate sections and bake multiple pies at once! You’ll want to ensure the pies you pick bake at about the same temperature (and for about the same time) to avoid burning and underbaking. You’ll also want to make sure the flavors and scents complement one another! One combo we recommend? Our Pumpkin-Pecan Slab Pie, Apple Pie and Southern Sweet Potato Pie!  Of course, you can always change the flavors up, based on personal preference. This option is an easy way to sample all the delicious desserts without contending with extra baking dishes. In addition, because the pies are slightly smaller than many of their more traditional counterparts, they make for easier portion control!

Holiday Pies That Don’t Even Need Plates
There are a lot of things to love about the holidays, y’all. That extra time washing dishes isn’t among them. Consider crafting yummy hand pies guests can grab and carry with them as they mingle! Our Apple Cranberry Hand Pies and Cherry Turnovers  are sure to please any crowd. Interested in taking things up a level? Consider Air-Fryer Apple Pie Egg Rolls! This non-traditional treat delivers the apple flavor you love in an unexpected (and unforgettable) way.

Holiday Pies on the Savory Side
A lot of folks automatically think “sweet” when it comes to pies, but there are all sorts of swoon-worthy savory options out there! In addition to traditional chicken pot pies, pork, beef and even sausage mixed with other favorite flavors can all make for incredible options. The best part? These pies are easily customizable to suit your tastes. We like to get a bit creative, too. Why not repurpose leftovers from your holiday feast into a transportable hand pie for one — or full-sized pie fit for the whole family?

That’s just the beginning of the incredible dessert options out there! A no-bake Reese’s Peanut Butter & Hershey Kisses Candy Pie is a great option for folks with a sweet tooth, as is our Hershey’s Chocolate Pie!  However you plan to pie it up this holiday season, your Food Town is here to help with all sorts of great ingredients. (And don’t forget, with special in-store promos going on all throughout the holiday season, you can snag great deals and giveaways on those special desserts!) We hope your holidays are happy — and your pies come out just right. We’ll see you soon!

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