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Save the Day Deals Are Swooping into Your Food Town

Graphic text saying Save the Day Deals are happening now, super savings for all now at your Food TownIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Food Town’s Save the Day deals!

We’ve got super news, neighbor. Your favorite Houston grocery is making it even easier to save on the fresh produce, quality meats, pantry staples and household goods your family uses each day! It’s our Save the Day promo, and it’s a big (BIG) deal. So, how do our Save the Day savings work? (And how can you make sure you’re taking full advantage?) We’re glad you asked. Read on for the full scoop.

What Are Food Town Save the Day Deals?
We like to think of our Save the Day deals as something of a sale that never stops. Instead of having a clear beginning and end, they zoom around to our various stores (just like your favorite superhero!), making days brighter and wallets happier for folks all around Houston! We select a handful of Food Town stores for each cycle of Save the Day deals. During that timeframe, which usually spans a couple months, those select stores will boast a number of exclusive deals you won’t see at our other locations.

How Do I Know Where Save the Day Deals Are Happening?
You mean you don’t have ESP? (Just kidding, friends.) The easiest way to find out where our Save the Day deals are going on is to zip on over to your Food Town’s Location page. Click on a store’s name in maroon to find details such as its hours, special offerings and more. If Save the Day deals are happening there, you’ll see a green graphic telling you all about it, along with a button linking to more info.

Don’t wanna dig? You can always wait it out, too. If you sign up for Food Town emails and let us know which Food Town’s your fave, you’ll receive alerts directly to your inbox when Save the Day deals come to your chosen store. (Talk about super!)

How Do I Take Advantage of Save the Day Deals?
That one’s easy, neighbor. Once you’ve figured out where the deals are happening, just hop in your car and head on over! The beautiful thing about our Save the Day deals is, they aren’t limited to certain sections of the store. From frozen treats, to dairy items, quality meats and beyond, there’s no telling where the savings might strike. You can easily spot these deals in-store, thanks to the Save the Day signage located right there on the shelves.

Our Save the Day deals are designed to help you fill your cart for less. And as an added bonus, they provide an excuse to check out other Food Town stores you might not typically visit. (Fun Fact: Each and every Food Town is different! And, while you’ll find many customer favorites across all our locations, we also tailor each location to the neighborhood it calls home. That means you might just stumble across a product another part of Houston loves, but you’ve never had the chance to try!)

If you have questions about anything you’ve just read, or if you’re just itching to give us a ring, feel free to contact your Food Town! We love hearing from you, and we’re always happy to help. Hope to see you soon!

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