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Holiday Party Ideas: Must-Have Tips to Make Things Merry and Bright

The holidays are here again and, if you’re like many folks out there, you’re frantically searching “holiday party ideas” to get a leg up on the celebrations to come. (And you’re also probably a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that other people seem to put into these soirees!) At Food Town we like a good party, but we also value our sanity. And we think a quality holiday party really boils down to a few key elements: great food, good drinks and fantastic people to share them with. Read on for holiday party ideas aimed at making life a little easier.

Remember, Pre-Made Food is Your Friend
Some folks love spending hours in the kitchen preparing scratch-made meals for the group. (And some don’t have the time.) We want you to know there’s nothing wrong with utilizing your neighborhood grocery’s freezer section to your advantage! Mama Julia tamales or Kountry Boys cocktail smokies with barbecue sauce are quick and easy eats everybody loves! You can also repurpose larger entrees into party-friendly single-serving portions. Pop toothpicks or skewers into your Hormel Beef Tips for yummy bites guests can grab and eat as they visit, or cook your Marie Callender’s lasagna about halfway, then transfer single-serving portions into muffin tins to finish the cook process! If you do want your meal to have a more homemade feel, consider mixing a pre-made item or two in with those you’re cooking from scratch. You can even use pre-made items as a base. For instance, Reser’s mac and cheese is a quick and tasty starting point for fried mac and cheese balls!

Go Big on Beverage Options
There’s no denying that the holidays are an indulgent time of year. It’s a time to kick back and enjoy a few favorite treats you might not otherwise allow yourself. So, why not make the most of that? Pull together a drink station that offers something everybody loves — hot cocoa, tasty ciders and other warm seasonal drinks are a natural. Of course, egg nog and other adult beverages are great for parties where folks are of age. (Your Food Town offers incredible deals on beer and wine to make stocking that station simple!) You’ll also want to have other easy options available, such as water, diet sodas and Texas fave Dr Pepper.

Find Ways to Get People Interacting
Food and drinks are great and all, but that togetherness aspect is the real reason for your seasonal bash. Have a few ideas on hand to get people talking, especially if your party includes a mixed group of folks who don’t know one another well. Incorporating a game night into the evening is a natural way to foster friendly competition, while white elephant gift exchanges can really turn things up a notch. If your celebration centers on the new year, consider asking everyone to talk about a resolution they plan to set for themselves. Cookie decorating can also be fun for guest of all ages.

Our holiday party ideas don’t end there, neighbor, but we think that’s a pretty great place to start! The key is simply to bring people together for a chance to kick back and celebrate. (In other words, it’s not supposed to be stressful!) So long as you have a variety of food and drink options (maybe six or so choices) so everyone has something — and, of course, a guest list packed with people you love spending time with — the rest of the evening will work itself out. Stop by and see us soon at your nearest Food Town to stock up on the fresh ingredients, tasty drink options and paper plates (because who wants to do dishes?) to get this party started. Happy holidays, friends!

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