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Add Zest to the Season with Spring Vegetables

Food Town discusses springtime vegetables

When the days get longer, it’s time to pull out the barbecue and celebrate the season with spring vegetables, neighbor! You may have noticed more fresh, local produce hitting the shelves as the first crops of the season are delivered to Houston grocery stores. Here are three reasons to stock up on your springtime favorites — arriving daily at your local neighborhood Food Town!

Freshest Local Flavor
Spring crops in Texas include family favorites such as root vegetables, snap peas, carrots, greens and even citrus fruits and strawberries. Because we source so much of our produce locally, you’ll be getting fruits and vegetables straight from the farm, without a lot of travel time. This means fresh flavor and crisp, tasty produce for all your recipes. Buying tomatoes? Store them on the counter, away from other fruits and vegetables, to keep them fresh and flavorful. Other fruits and vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator, but don’t pre-wash them or pack them into drawers too tightly. Veggies should stay dry and have plenty of air circulation to stay fresh. We get shipments daily, so you’ll always find a wide selection of fresh spring vegetables from which to choose.

Better Nutritional Value
The minute produce is picked, the freshness clock starts ticking. Vital nutrients start breaking down very soon after harvest, so food that’s shipped from far-away countries can lose a lot of nutritional value before it even hits store shelves. We look for local growers wherever possible, and we aim for the shortest time possible from harvest to store. Buying in season from local grocers is the best way to make sure you’re getting the best nutrition! 

Smaller Carbon Footprint
Did you know buying local produce is also good for the environment? By shortening the transportation time, we’re also reducing the amount of time trucks spend on the road. Fewer hours on the road equals less carbon in the air. And food that doesn’t need to be shipped very far usually requires fewer pesticides. That’s fewer chemicals in the land and on our food.

Texas is full of great farmers, and you’ll find a wide selection of their crops at your neighborhood Food Town. Stop in all season long to pick up the freshest spring vegetables for your family!

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